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The vision for the Centennial School is to bring life back into this abandoned building in the form of 1 and 2 bedroom senior living apartments. By utilizing an existing building, RMK Investments is breathing life back into a space that was once frequented by the youth of the area. It is currently in the early stages of an 18 month conversion, where it will serve the community once again in offering local seniors a place to live in comfort.

RMK Investments

As the owner of the Centennial School project, RMK Investments seeks to reinvest in the McKeesport area. Their vision for the Centennial school is to give a new purpose to a once abandoned public asset. RMK Investments desires to see a rebirth of the McKeesport area and feels strongly about renovating and revitalizing old structures. 

Heather Kucich
Project Manager

Heather acts as the project manager for the Centennial School renovation and property management of the units. She has experience in operating similar projects as well as managing successful rental units. She takes pride in customer service and making sure the tenants are taken care of. 

Branden Kucich
General Contractor

Branden, president of Kucich construction is the lead for the general contracting of the project. His team has worked through out McKeesport helping revitalize the area and breath new life into older structures. His work ranges from residential to commercial. 

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